Solihull Olympic Gymnastic Club considers that the safety and well being of all members is an important aspect of the Club structure. The Club expects that gymnasts, coaches, officials and parents associated with the Club should, at all times, be prepared to show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of other members. With this in mind we ask that club members and their parents should be encouraged to be open at all times and share any concerns that they may have with the Club Welfare Officer.

As a member of Solihull Olympic Gymnastic Club you will be expected to abide by the following Club Rules:

  • Gymnasts must arrive punctually for all classes.
  • All membership fees must be paid promptly within the first two weeks of each term – or half term for new members only. As this is the recognised time for payment of fees we do not feel it necessary to send out reminders.
  • Gymnasts will be expected to respect fellow club members and opponents.
  • Members must wear suitable clothing for training and events with the club uniform being worn at the appropriate times. Long hair must be neatly tied back and all body jewellery should be removed.
  • Gymnasts are asked not bring valuables with them to gym especially mobile phones.
  • Members must inform the Club secretary / manager of any injuries or illness they have before warm up begins. A book for recording these details is available at the table.
  • If they need to leave a class early for any reason, gymnasts should notify the Club secretary / manager before they start training.
  • Gymnasts should treat all equipment with respect to avoid personal accidents and possible damage to the equipment.
  • Gymnasts should not leave the Sports Hall during a session without informing their coach.
  • Gymnasts should make themselves aware of the arrangements in case of fire in the hall.
  • Gymnasts must not chew gum or other food while training. Breaks for drinks should only be taken after consultation with the group coach.
  • Gymnasts must be prepared to take part in any competition that the coaches decide they are fit and capable of entering.
  • Gymnasts must not use bad language.
  • Gymnasts should listen to their coach and should not look for help from parents during their class.
  • Gymnasts should be aware that their class is not over until the equipment has been cleared away, they have been dismissed by a coach or an official and should therefore remain suitably dressed until dismissed.
  • Gymnasts must remain in the Sports Hall at the end of a session until collected by a parent or guardian.