1. All members of the Club participating in gymnastics must pay the appropriate fee, for each class, which MUST BE PAID WITHIN THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF EACH TERM OR HALF TERM. (Half term – in the case of new members only.)
  2. Parents are asked to help with the movement of the apparatus before and after classes. The more help that is received the longer the time that can be devoted to coaching. If you are not sure of what to do please ask – there will always be someone available to show you what is needed.
  3. Parents must accompany their daughter into the Sports Hall at the start of classes and collect her from inside the Hall at the end of each session. The Club cannot accept responsibility for gymnasts once they are outside the Sports Hall.(For safety reasons Gymnasts will not be allowed out with older siblings.)
  4. Members should be dressed in suitable gymnastic clothing – i.e. leotards and T-shirts / sweatshirts / tracksuits. Members of the Beginners Classes may start by wearing shorts and T-shirts but after one term must have a Club leotard. Members of the Main Classes must have a Club leotard which must be worn on every Wednesday. (Friday for Friday Beginners Class.)
  5. For safety reasons, and to conform to new British Gymnastics rules (which ban the wearing of any item of jewellery), jewellery should preferably be left at home. Hair should be neat and tidy and long hair MUST be securely fastened back.
  6. Please mark all clothing with your name – the coaches are concerned that valuable coaching time is wasted chasing up lost property.
  7. For safety reasons please do not leave items of clothing or equipment lying around the floor, especially in the middle of the gym. Please place on a bench or against a wall.
  8. Gymnasts should wear warm clothing for their journeys to and from the gym.
  9. For insurance reasons it is necessary that a parent should be on duty in the Sports Hall. The parent on duty is also asked to supervise the Club shop - all parents are expected to become involved in this way. A parents’ rota will be circulated early each term – if you are unable to help on the listed date it is your responsibility to make alternative arrangements with another parent from your daughter’s class and to notify the secretary of any changes made.
  10. It is appreciated that parents may sometimes have to bring other children with them into the Sports Hall but the coaches have asked – again for safety reasons – that they should not be allowed into the main hall but should stay quietly in the kit room with the parents .
  11. Parents are asked not to park their cars in the parking spaces nearest to the Sports Hall as these should be left free for those coaches and Committee members who have to transport equipment to and from the Sports Hall.
  12. The times of classes are actual training times and do not include the time needed to set up and clear away the equipment.
  13. Parents are asked not to approach the coaches during classes but to wait until the end of the class if they feel that there is a vital matter that they wish to discuss. Parents are also reminded that they should not block the exit door or go up into the main areas of the gym unless on shop duty.
  14. Any lapse of discipline by a member during a class will result in that member being sent out of that class for a length of time to be determined by the coach.
  15. Parents will be expected to sign a Registration and Participation Agreement form for their daughter(s) and parents and gymnasts must abide by the relevant Codes of Conduct.
  16. If it is necessary to bring a mobile phone to the Sports Hall it must be turned off during classes.
  17. Parents and gymnasts should make themselves aware of the Fire Regulations which appear in the September newsletter and are displayed on a notice board.